Turbo time....

So tomorrow the clocks once again go back and signals the start of winter, and like most of us I’m looking back at an incredible summer for fitness.

Not only have I managed to have some superb rides on a variety of amazing bikes, but I swam in the early morning sun in the local lido - I even managed to get into the open water of the river Wye too.

I also started time trialling, and built connections with two fantastic clubs too.

But now now it’s time for the other side of the coin, swapping Lycra for base layers and sunglasses for bike lights as winter draws in.

I am however, determined to stay in my shorts full time until it gets really cold!

The final marker of winter though? That honour goes to the humble turbo trainer, and I’ve already been on twice this week, music pumping, all the whole convincing myself of the benefits for next year.

its not all bad though, as a mountain biker too it will soon be time to get muddy - really muddy on all kinds of bikes old and new......

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