Time for a Time Trial

5..4..3..2..1..GO! Like a flash, I'm off on my first time trial. The adrenaline is flowing and i'm surprisingly excited - but where did my journey begin?

Wind back a few weeks to a conversation with a member of the Coalville Wheelers cycling club, where he happened to mention that the club has two TTs a week, oh and their clubhouse is less than five minutes from our shop.

I should also mention at this point that trying out a TT has been on my cycling wishlist for far too long - so it was time to find out what it is really like.

Getting a standing start for the first time

In the run up to the day, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a used Specialised Shiv for a bargain price, plus a quick search netted me a pair of Corima Aero rims for it too - so with a little work I had a great beginners bike.

Having only had the chance to use the bike once, Wednesday evening arrived and it was time to sign up.

Arriving at the clubhouse, everyone was friendly and couldn't be more helpful to a beginner like me, so pretty soon I had my race number and it was time to warm up and head for the start line.

With 1 minute between each rider, it soon came my turn to go, having never tried a standing start before, it was a strange sensation trusting your balance to someone else - but with little time to think about it I was pushed off on my way.

The strange thing I realised pretty soon was that this needed to be a measured effort, so there was no time for losing focus or thinking about anything but pace - after all, I just wanted to manage my 10 miler in under 30 mins.

As the course rolled on, I was marshalled at every turn and soon found myself at the bottom of what is known as Vinegar Hill by the club riders - a steep and unpleasant climb just a mile or so from the finish line.

I have to say it was a nasty little beast, and cresting the top I started to feel sick - a good sign according to experienced riders who had told me that "if you enjoy it, you're doing it wrong"

With no time to loose i flicked down through the gears on blasted the final mile, just praying that I managed the time - my GPS was saying yes, but I would have to wait until I got back to the clubhouse.

Happily I made it across the line in 29mins and 37seconds - good enough for me!!

I have to say that its given me the bug big time and is now part of my regular cycling activities - just a shame the season is almost over.....

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