The bike bond

When it comes to riding bikes of any kind, something has to click between rider and bicycle for a journey to begin.

As you can imagine i get to ride more bikes than most folks given the sheer number of iron horses that come into our stock.

But for some reason I have been struggling for a while to find my latest push iron to add to my collection.

I've been trying all sorts of gorgeous bikes lately, including Bob Jackson Merlins, Holdworth specials and a Freddie Grubb - All excellent bikes that are superb to ride.

However, i wasn't getting the full on buzz I was hoping for.

This all changed this past week when I had a visit from our regular customer Bill, who decided to pop by with an Italian Faggin we had sold him as a restoration project.

Stood in the shop with this stunning red machine, he announced it was a little too big for him and he wanted a new project.

Now neither myself or Bill need an excuse to take a quick ride out, so he grabbed his Mercian and I took the Faggin for a leg stretch.

Rolling on Vittoria Corsa Tubs, it took off like a rocket, excellent acceleration followed by nimble handling - within moments we had clicked.

Since then, the Faggin has become a fantastic companion that keeps trying to get me into all kinds of cycling trouble, egging me on to ride harder, corner faster and flatter me on the climbs too.

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