New Year’s resolutions...

Ok so 2019 is here and I’m sure many of you have made some resolutions, undortunatly mine have been delayed somewhat due to an ankle injury!

One of those promises you may have made is to dig out the old bike and hit the road or trail more.

Before you do, ask yourself a quick question or two - when was the last time the bike was used? And When was it last serviced?

if the answer to either of those questions was “I don’t know” or “too long to remember“ then perhaps it’s time to get that bike looked at - especially as been stranded on the road side freezing is a sure fire way to stop that resolution in its tracks.

if you’re local to the VBC, based near Ashby de la Zouch, we can carry out a basic service for just £40 plus parts.

need a repair? Our repairs start from £15, and that’s any bike folks, doesn’t have to be vintage or retro.

so before you turn the cranks, give us a call to check over your push iron! Call now 07983 393383

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