Fresh in from Italy...

Having not managed to blog for a little while, I thought I’d throw out a quick one about our latest Pinarello to arrive from Italy.

It‘s not just the beauty of an Italian bike, it’s the way it make me feel about the VBC, it’s come such a long way in a year or so.

feeling like a mere heartbeat away from the late nights in the cold rescuing my first couple of bikes to put into stock, I couldn’t have dreamt that night that I would have a guy thousands of miles away sourcing bikes for our little shop.

Actually when I think about it, starting the VBC has led me to meet such an amazing and varied bunch of people that have helped us grow.

But the real challenges lay ahead for us still as we try to grow our customer base - as I’ve said so many times before to my customers, we are here for the long long as you’ll have us in your Cycling world!

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