Don’t forget the oil!...

A recent visitor to the workshop prompted me to remind you all about the importance of keeping that drivetrain lubricated.

I’d recently repaired a chain for the owner of a cube Hardtail after it had snapped during a blast around Hicks Lodge.

Imagine my surprise when it rolled back into the workshop this weekend - once again with a snapped chain link.

It became apparent that the chain was completely dry, no chain oil in sight.

We were left this time with no option other than to fit a brand new item - a real shame as the snapped one should have had hundreds of miles left in it.

Now we all know that a quality chain costs far more than a little bottle of oil, so do your push iron a favour and keep it cleaned and lubed regularly!

If you’re not sure of the best way to clean your drivetrain, we are always on hand for advice!

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