Beautiful Bobbins....

Some of our visitors to the website may have noticed the addition of some new bikes in the shop, in the shape of a selection of Bobbin Bikes.

Despite our vintage moniker, I have always serviced and sold all kinds of bikes including modern bicycles, but we now have a few retro looking modern beauties from Bobbin.

theyve been around for a while now, with a quirky range of bikes, but it was only when I was offered a few at a great price that I made the leap to stock them.

the jewel in the crown has to be The Dark Star - a stunning black bike with a narrow riser bar and matching mudguards, topped off with an 8 Speed belt drive.

This is the first belt drive bike we’ve had at the VBC and it’s blown me away, smooth, silent and practically maintainance free - winner!

weve only got one, and it’s £200 below RRP......

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