Another interesting find

I swear that sometimes it’s like being the Indiana Jones of the cycling world running the vintage bike cartel, having made another frame discovery while prepping parts for sale and frames for paint.

This Raleigh frame, had been hanging up at the old workshop for ages waiting for me to get to it, running a full Suntour VX group and drilled chainrings, I finally decided to strip it down.

Something about it made me look twice after the strip down as I prepared to send it to our stove enamellers.

A quick look at the dropouts revealed this little lightweight was made with Campagnolo dropouts - winner!

Bearing a “WM“ serial number on the B.B. means a workshop made frame - and a little paint removal showed some original purple paint too.....

Whatever it’s history this frame is going to be given the new life it deserves with a fresh coat of stove enamel in a similar blue to that shown and some decals that are yet to be decided from the Raleigh stable

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